Brooklyn, New York

We have been in business near 20 years and have experience in all facets of the computer repair and networking industry.
We keep your data safe We know how crucial your data is to your business and make it our business to keep it safe from corruption and or loss. We know that peace of mind is what you need to get your work done without the stress of your network, computers, data or anything outside the scope of your function.

 This is what you can expect from our team of professionals everyday.

What We Offer

Unparalleled Service.

We are proud to offer unparalleled onsite computer support. Whatever your needs are, look no further than Shamrock Computers  as your Solution Provider. Let our highly trained, professional and personable technicians come to your home or place of business and take care of all your computing needs. From single computer systems to a full network installation and administration, you will be assured of the highest level of quality. Choosing Shamrock Computers  means peace of mind, as our commitment to your satisfaction is second to none.

Is the high cost of your IT department getting you down? Under pressure to cut expenditures and maintain high standards? Trust Shamrock Computers  reliable and knowledgeable technicians with the administration of your systems. You will find that for the fraction of your current costs your computer system and network needs are taken care of. Find out what the dozens of our corporate customers who have already found comfort in the Shamrock Computers promise. 

Contact Information

Shamrock Computers Inc.

6758 4th Avenue

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11220

Office: 718 921 1555
FAX: 718 921 3836
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